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Seth Novak.jpg

Seth N.

I started training as a fellow fitness coach looking to improve my existing athleticism. I have not had a serious exercise related injury since.

Jessica Eller.jpg

Jessica E.

I honestly thought I knew everything I needed to know about fitness. I was immediately impressed by Matt’s knowledge and intelligence.

Justin Walcker.jpg

Justin W.

Matt and I have worked together for 3+ years, his experience and knowledge of lifting as well as of how the body works has been invaluable.


Malloree T.

Not only did the training shape my body, but Matt’s focus on mindset changed the way I thought about my body, as well. 

Luis Limon.JPG

Luis L.

It wasn't the first time I had a personal trainer, but it was the first time I had a good one. I've never been in this great of shape. 

Brian Greene.JPG

Brian G.

My losing streak officially ended last night; my muscle endurance and stamina ultimately helped me to out-play my opponent.

Derek Leavitt.JPG

Derek L.

Transcendence of the mind occurs through Matt’s regular motivational insights into life and his passion for sharing philosophic explanations.

Katherine Cleveland.jpg

Katherine C.

He has given me the tools to be confident and effective while working out on my own at home or at the gym.

Venu Kasturi.JPG

Venu K.

Matt is the “injury specialist”. My earlier trainer had no inkling of what the reasons for my pain were, so we would ignore then aggravate it.

Deborah Austin.JPG

Deborah A.

This is the first time in my LIFE that my HDL has been in the normal range.  Even in my 20's it was never normal. This is so huge.   

Barbara Ruffner.jpg

Barbara R.

I never got bored. In fact, I actually became addicted to exercising. Matt encouraged me to trust myself and push harder.

Cathy Goodwin.jpg

Cathy G.

I love the exercises Matt recommended. I appreciate being able to stay fit without risking injury or stress.

Mark Prentice.jpg

Mark P.

I've learned a TON from you in a very brief time and it took me about 10 minutes to realize how knowledgeable you are.

Tom Alexander.jpg

Tom A.

How fortunate I was to have you as a trainer, role model and caring friend that instilled confidence in me I didn't have prior.

Bokey_02_Creative Protrait.jpg

Ashish B.

Matt was like my personal trainer + physical therapist. He fixed my broken back; within a couple of years I was able to deadlift 275 pounds.

Wonsun Shin.JPG

Wonsun S.

I was gravely mistaken in categorizing myself as pretty fit. Now, I am stronger than I ever was and I'm even a better runner.

Jon Prentice.JPG

Jon P.

Thank you for teaching me how to workout without a gym, whether outside, rucking or with body weight movements in my living room.

Rosanna Sasso.JPG

Rosanna S.

The biggest victory of all is that working out is not intimidating for me anymore! Thank you again for teaching me to push myself.

Joel Huenink.JPG

Joel H.

I feel like my posture is getting better, my mobility is improving and I am naturally standing straighter and feeling stable in my back.

Allyson Hoepfner.jpg

Allyson H.

My balance has improved greatly; I can conquer any hill in Seattle. I feel and look more solid and possess body confidence for the first time.

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