The Lifting School Starter Pack

FREE for Every New Client

  • 1000 ml Nalgene bottle from Biotest

  • 2 oz chalk block from Rogue

  • 1 qt slider storage bag (for chalk) from Hefty

  • 41" exercise band from Rogue

  • 19" exercise band from Perform Better

  • Official lacrosse ball from Signature Lacrosse

  • Official tennis ball from Wilson

  • Hand-written "Thank you" note from us!

The chalk block & bag is intended for any exercise that is challenging to your grip: deadlifts, heavy carries, rows, pull-ups, etc.


Never miss a rep due to sweaty hands!


Simply crush the block into a powder and dust your hands lightly whenever you want maximum friction and grip strength. Always be respectful at the gym and leave as little a chalk mess as you possibly can.