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Private sessions are held at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, ID between March and November, weather permitting.

Assortment of weights, bands, sandbags, medicine balls and more provided. Workouts are always written and continuously tailored to your personal needs over time: you will never be given a cookie-cutter program. 

I will coach your form and pacing to ensure optimal performance and pain-free sets. I will also record your progress (weight, reps, range of motion, etc.) during our sessions as well as provide Google Doc logs for any sessions you do on your own. For example, if we train 1x/wk and you go to your gym another 2x/wk, I will write a 3x/wk program and we will focus on the movements that need more coaching during our sessions. 

First 3 One Hour Sessions $200



  • Custom exercise plan

  • Expert form instruction

  • Challenge set to your level

  • Goal setting & tracking

  • Sensible nutrition advice

  • Answers to your questions

  • Starter pack of accessories

  • No contracts

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Thanks for submitting! You will be contacted within the next 3 business days.

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