Man stretching on track


Neither useless nor a cure-all, stretching and massage are powerful tools when used correctly


A lot of people don't realize that lifting with solid form through a full range of motion is one of the best ways to improve flexibility. For example, deep squats can open up your hips while push-ups stretch out the chest. That said, sometimes we have problem areas that could use targeted stretching and/or self-massage; we will identify these areas and prescribe appropriate movements as needed.

We can teach you dynamic movements and how to use simple, affordable massage tools that you can utilize both at the gym and in the comfort of your home. Netflix and stretch?

Form Check

We'll teach you how to stretch safely and efficiently so you don't accidentally irritate your joints or waste your time.

Active Rest

Make the most of your time between sets with simple stretches that pair nicely with that specific exercise.

At Home Routines

Loosen up and relax in your own living room with stretches and self-massage recommended just for you.