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  1. Do you work with complete beginners?

    Absolutely. No prior experience is required. 


  2. Can you help me if I'm already experienced?

    Yes, I've helped many lifters, runners, athletes, etc. with 10+ years of previous experience and they still got great results and learned new things.


  3. Can you help me if I have chronic pain or an injury?

    It's important to understand you cannot work with me specifically to FIX your pain, as that is the domain of your physical therapist and doctor. 

    That said, we will find exercises that do not hurt and help you work toward your goals pain-free. There's a great chance that, like many people I've worked with, your joint pain will improve greatly (or even go away entirely) as you get stronger and more fit. I personally used to have a great deal of knee and back pain that simply disappeared over time as I learned to exercise properly.


  4. Do I need to have a home gym or gym membership for online training?

    You'd be surprised how much one can do with an absolute minimum of equipment. We can start with a variety of bodyweight movements and use common implements like water jugs to lay a foundation of skill practice, and then if you don't want to join a gym for any reason I recommend you let me help you get a garage gym started, put a power rack in your living room, or whatever you prefer. 


  5. Where do you conduct your personal training?

    Ann Morrison Park, near the Boise River, so long as the weather is accommodating, typically March - November. I will show up with an SUV full of exercise equipment and we will find some space in the shade of a great tree.


  6. Can you train me in my own home/yard/garage?

    Yes, for a reasonable additional charge depending on distance. I will bring any equipment needed. 


  7.  How do you take payments?

    You'll be sent PayPal invoices from The Lifting School LLC. 

    You do not need a PayPal account, as you can easily pay with debit/credit card. 

    No cash or check, but if you professionally teach another skill I'm interested in I have been known to barter, ie you give me a voice lesson once a week, I give you a lifting session. 


  8. Will I be expected to do super-hard workouts?

    While it's great to challenge ourselves, and I will encourage you to work hard in so far as your goals require it, the fitness industry often takes this WAY too far and discourages all but the most masochistic among us. There is no need to make you super sore or nauseous if you don't want or need that.

    I'll meet you at whatever level you are currently at, and we will steadily build up from there. That's one of the biggest benefits of having someone write custom workouts tailored to your needs and experience. 


  9. How will you keep track of my workouts or progress? 

    We will use Google Docs for all workout, diet and measurement logs. These are shared online files that both you and I can access and view at any time. This allows us both to share notes within the log, embed videos of form and make dynamic modifications as needed.

    Don't worry if you've never used online documents like these before; I've put together some simple instructions that show and explain the basic features so you'll be confident and capable in no time!


  10. Do I have to send you before/after photos? 

    Not at all. If you do have specific aesthetic goals, progress photos can be very helpful but if for any reason you're not comfortable sharing personal photos that's totally fine! We can track progress with weight and measurements, how clothes are fitting, new records with weights, etc.

    You can always keep photos for yourself and just let me know you're seeing progress; no need to send me anything.


  11. Do you offer meal plans?

    Only a Registered Dietitian (RD) or licensed physician can legally prescribe meal plans. It's not within my scope of practice to tell you exactly what to eat and when. 

    What I can do is help you build healthy habits, teach you about nutrition, and we can track your food intake to look for sensible changes and substitutions that can be made. If you love to cook or want to start learning, I'd even be happy to teach you some basic cooking tips and share recipes for healthy meals. 


  12. Are your workouts and group classes basically Crossfit?


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