Female boxing


As great for fitness as it is for protection,

boxing is empowering

It's a common misconception that the only reason anyone would want to learn how to box is because they want to get into a fight. In fact, our head coach has been boxing since he was a teen and has never had to use it!

Training with an experienced professional builds humility and helps you understand the serious nature of combat. While we emphasize deescalation and avoiding confrontation all together, should you ever truly need to defend yourself you will have the necessary skills.

Technique Review

If you already have some boxing experience, we can take a look at your form and help you refine it.

Diversify Your Cardio

Treadmills are cool, but few things are as enjoyable and cathartic as beating the shit out of inanimate objects. 

Fists of Power

Interested in serious training? Learn defense, footwork and how to throw your weight into every strike.