We don't push the latest fads. 

We teach time-honored principles

We don't rush to advanced material.

We build strong foundations

We don't give convoluted explanations.

We make the complex more clear


To provide the highest quality information and instruction

Trying to find reliable information and advice on exercise is difficult and confusing at best. There are so many contradictory claims, recommendations and warnings floating around that it's hard to make sense of it all.

Many people end up avoiding exercise entirely for fear that what they don't know could hurt them; perhaps they've experienced an injury, seen friends and family get hurt or they've seen footage of people getting seriously injured. 


On the other hand, there are countless people who workout for years without ever learning principles and practices that could have spared them an enormous amount of time, effort and risk: injuries that didn't need to happen; goals that could have been reached in half the time; results left on the table or unwittingly lost.

We cut through the noise so you can train with both competence and confidence.

We're here to set a higher standard in the fitness industry.

Matt Talley

Matt Talley, Head Coach

Matt has been teaching strength & conditioning to hundreds of private clients and small groups for over 15 years, including coaching fellow peers and giving lectures on a variety of topics.


An avid martial artist since childhood, he enjoys teaching boxing and self defense; he also managed a rock wall and taught climbing lessons for years.  Ever the "nerdy jock", he has an incredible passion for biology, philosophy and computer science.

Summer Huitt

Summer Huitt, Client Care

Summer has nearly 20 years of customer service and hospitality experience, including over 5 years of fine dining in Seattle wherein she took care of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, the King of Norway and the cast and crew of Top Chef, just to name a few.


In addition to her unparalleled communication skills and poise, she loves to hike, cook, read, write poetry and deadlift weights that are too heavy for most men.